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Monopoly Now More Than Just a Board Game!

Jun 6, 2017

Having recently celebrated its one hundredth birthday, Monopoly is of course a board game that...
Take a Look at This New Snakes and Ladders Themed Game!

May 30, 2017

Many people will overlook the game of Snakes and Ladders, for with there being so many brand...
Win a Fortune Playing Board Game Themed Slot Games Online

May 23, 2017

You are always going to find plenty of board games being released, for there is no getting away...
Review: Virulence: An Infectious Card Game

May 1, 2017

Have you ever imagined what life as a virus might be like ?...
Review: Mole Rats in Space

Apr 17, 2017

Board games were always a nice way to spend time with friends and family. But what...

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How Does This Thing Work?
Published 15 October 2018 | KeyForge ...
/r/boardgames Daily Discussion and Game Recommendations (October 16, 2018)
by /u/AutoModerator
15 Oct 2018 at 9:01pm

Welcome to /r/boardgames Daily Discussion and Game Recommendations

This is meant to be a place where you can ask any and all questions relating to ...

10:50 to Arkham
Published 15 October 2018 | Mansions of Madness Second Edition ...
[Terraforming Mars] goes digital on Steam October 17th!
by /u/CravesMoreDakka
16 Oct 2018 at 5:52am

Engine building porn game Terraforming Mars has a digital edition in the works for quite some time, but its finally being released tomorrow on Stea...

Monopoly Now More Than Just a Board Game!

Jun 6, 2017

Having recently celebrated its one hundredth birthday, Monopoly is of course a board game that many people will have played at one time or another, and thanks to there being lots of different regional variations of that game you will always... more →

Take a Look at This New Snakes and Ladders Themed Game!

May 30, 2017

Many people will overlook the game of Snakes and Ladders, for with there being so many brand new board games available, those that have been around for many, many years to tend to get forgotten about! However, there is a slot machine you... more →

Win a Fortune Playing Board Game Themed Slot Games Online

May 23, 2017

You are always going to find plenty of board games being released, for there is no getting away from the fact that when you want some old fashioned fun with of course a modern day twang with your friends and family members, getting out a board... more →

Review: Virulence: An Infectious Card Game

May 1, 2017

Have you ever imagined what life as a virus might be like ? Always struggling for survival and searching for healthy cells to infect, in order to replicate yourself, become stronger and ultimately dominate an organism.... more →

Review: Mole Rats in Space

Apr 17, 2017

Board games were always a nice way to spend time with friends and family. But what happens when kids decide to play board games? Could this be a way to not just entertain but also educate them? Co-operative board games seem the ideal way... more →

Review: The Manhattan Project:Chain Reaction

Mar 28, 2017

The world piece is once again threatened and the arms race has just began. As your nation's Minister of War, you are responsible to get ahead in the race by building the most atomic bombs. With the help of espionage, you have acquired... more →

The Bead Game: Play Over 108 board games with one

Feb 28, 2017

Have you ever wished you could have a modular game that could transform to every little classic game in your collection? Would you like to find out about old, traditional games from all over the world? Would you like to tweak the rules of clasic... more →

Review: Scythe

Jan 30, 2017

Outside, the wind is blowing harshly and the temperature is freezing. I am sitting in front of the fireplace with my laptop at hand and a small piece of dark chocolate melting in my mouth. As I see the flames trembling, sending out waves of... more →

Some of the Best Board Games of All Time

Oct 17, 2016

Playing board games is a great way to spend some time with your family and friends. Board games have been around since a long time. A large number of artifacts, historical sites and documents have been found that provide evidence of their... more →

A Game of Thrones: Journey from a Novel, TV Series, Online Slots to Board Games

Aug 6, 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s quite impossible that you haven’t heard of ‘A Game of Thrones’! A Game of Thrones is the American author, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels that... more →

Review: Keltis HD for iPad

Jul 6, 2016

When it comes to board games being designed for the digital media, expectations regarding the design, the interface and gameplay rise a lot as people who have played the board game expect to have a similar or even better playing... more →

Popular Board Games That Have Been Turned Into Slot Machine Games

Jun 23, 2016

Most popular slot makers draw inspiration for their slot games from themes that excite players, with major industry names, like NetEnt and Microgaming, usually designing their slots with graphics and symbols adapted from major blockbusters,... more →

Review: Ubongo - Puzzle Challenge for iPad

Jun 22, 2016

Ubongo is a puzzle board game for 1-4 players, first published back in 2003. Its goal is to compete against other players in solving "Tetris-like" geometric puzzles while also collecting gems. The player who has collected the... more →

Review: The Rivals for Catan (for iPad)

Jun 10, 2016

  Have you ever longed for a game of Catan but couldn't find a third player? Have you enjoyed Catan and would like to delve more in its world? Did you ever think that Catan relies too much on luck... more →

Review: Catan HD for iPad

May 4, 2016

21 years after its initial print, " The settlers of Catan " (or just Catan as it was recently renamed) remains one of the most renowned games in the history of board gaming and today still appeals to families and gaming parties all... more →

Review: Sing It!

Apr 6, 2016

Quick and fun party games will always have a special place in every home. They can be brought out in any family or friendly gathering and fun is always guaranteed. Or not? Whether or not singing is one of your strong points, there is a party game... more →

Review: Flip City

Nov 24, 2015

Since Dominion hit the markets back in 2008 and had a widespread success all over the world, many deck-building games appeared trying to take a slice of the pie and share its success. More or less these games, differ in theme,... more →

Review: OMG (Oh My Gods!)

Nov 14, 2015

Once upon a time, there were 12 mighty gods living atop of mythical mount Olympus: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes and either Hestia, or Dionysus. Zeus was the ruler of all.... more →

Review: Cthulhu Realms

Oct 1, 2015

I was always interested in horror stories and certainly admire the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the creator of the Cthulhu myth but it never really occurred to me that a deck-building game could borrow its theme from such a morbid universe. For those... more →

Monopoly Big Event Slot Machine Review

Sep 19, 2015

Monopoly Big Event is a 5 reel video slot with 20 pay-lines powered by Barcrest, a gaming firm which is part of Scientific Games. Barcrest and WMS Williams Interactive worked together on the slot after they had successfully secured the exclusive... more →

Review: The Manhattan Project

Aug 10, 2015

Worker placement games usually have to do with quite peaceful subjects but this is not the case in today's game in review: "The Manhattan Project". For those unfamilar with the term, you should know that this is the codename given... more →

Review: Tahiti

Jul 28, 2015

  We are in the middle of the summer, the sun is bright, and the sea is calm and warm, calling us near, promising hours of fun, laziness and tranquility. But what if you are stuck in town, sweating and breathing the hot air, not... more →

Review: Dragonflame

Jul 10, 2015

Many small, easy games appear from time to time, trying to catch our attention and gain a place on our gaming table not just for one play but over and over again. However only a few of them succeed in keeping us interested enough and those are... more →

Review: It's Alive!

Jun 16, 2015

It's nice to play some older games from time to time, just to get familiar with the history of board games and see how they have evolved during the years. " It's Alive! " by Yehuda Berlinger, caught my attention due to its... more →

Preview: Project Elite

May 23, 2015

As co-operative board games are getting all the hype these days, Artipia Games and Drawlab Entertainment is preparing to hit the market with a new, innovative, real-time, co-operative game promising moments full of excitement and fun. It's... more →

Review: XCOM The Board Game

Mar 8, 2015

Cooperative games are becoming more and more popular nowadays with several titles being released during last year and many more announced for 2015. I, personally, am not so fond of cooperative games, as I love healthy antagonism and being... more →

Fast & Furious 6: The Game Review

Feb 11, 2015

With this article, I launch a new category of game reviews, namely Video Game reviews. Even though the focus of the site will still be on board games, i think it's a wise decision to include video games for a number of reasons: a)... more →

Preview: Scheffeln

Aug 23, 2014

Who doesn't want to make a lot of money? Back in the roaring twenties, a few business districts attract all kinds of people looking for easy "big bucks". But only a few have the talent to grab it. Do you have what it takes?... more →

Preview: New Dawn

Aug 17, 2014

It's been a while since I've played a good area control or space exploration game. Both features excite me, especially the space theme. Therefore when I saw the first images of "New Dawn", the new game by Artipia Games, and... more →

Archon: Glory & Machination Review

Jul 24, 2014

It's a hot summer evening and I am looking at a big box standing on the table. It's a game i've been wanting to play for months now, since it has won the 4th Greek board game design competition. It's " Archon: Glory and... more →

Review: Shadows Over the Empire

Jun 15, 2014

Shadows Over the Empire  is a strategy card game with awesome looks. Its small but elegant box with its detailed and colourful artwork, easily stands out among others on a game shops' shelves. But it's always the inside that... more →

27th Passenger: A hunt on Rails Review

Jun 7, 2014

The train whistles with anticipation as it arrives at Manhattan station. The platform is crowded by all kinds of people waiting to get on the train. Having my ticket in hand, I enter the wagon feeling nervous and look suspiciously around me. Most... more →

Ticket to Ride: Europe Strategy Guide

May 13, 2014

"Ticket to Ride" by Alan R. Moon is one of the most popular family games since it was first published back in 2004. Along the years several expansions and other versions of the game have been published, introducing new maps... more →

Carcassonne Strategy Guide

Apr 27, 2014

Carcassonne is one of the most popular board games since it was first published back in 2000 and is also famous for introducing meeples to the board game world. Since then many expansions have been published and a World Championship has been... more →

Review: Hanabi

Apr 13, 2014

Every once and a while, a new game comes up that through its simplicity of rules, accessibility to a wide range of players and originality, manages to capture the hearts of gamers and become a favorite in gaming nights. Hanabi, from 2010,... more →

Review: Endeavor

Mar 20, 2014

How amazing must it have been for the great explorers of the 15th-16th century to set out sailing towards the unknown, not even being sure whether the world is round or not. Endeavor tries to capture the excitement and thrills of exploration... more →

Review: Intrigue City

Feb 22, 2014

With hundreds of new games coming out every year, it's getting harder and harder to find new games that stand out from the crowd with original and attractive ideas which are also well executed and well presented. As time goes by, games... more →

Review: Coal Baron

Jan 19, 2014

Coal Baron is a new worker placement game by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling, two well-known designers who have colaborated before in many games, such as Tikal, Torres, Artus, Maharaja and many more. This time the game they came up with puts... more →

Review: King of Tokyo

Nov 21, 2013

Richard Garfield is the famous designer of the most popular CCG (Collectible Card Game) ever, "Magic the Gathering". Apart from that he has had success in designing games such as "Android: Netrunner", "The Great... more →

Review: Legendary "A Marvel Deck-Building Game"

Aug 29, 2013

Deck-building games is a fast-growing genre that is gaining more and more fans around the world. You start out with a lame deck consisting of a few basic cards and then all options are open. It's up to you to find the best combos of cards,... more →

Review: Love Letter

Jul 2, 2013

The beautiful princess Annette is devastated over the arrest of her mother, the Queen Marianna, for high treason. She locks herself in the palace with a broken heart and allows no one to see her. You are one of the many suitors trying to ease her... more →

Review: Modern Art

Apr 2, 2013

The world of art is a theme that hasn't been much exploited by the board game industry. Modern Art shines gloriously from this point of view, embracing the vicious world of art galleries and the trading business of paintings in such a... more →

Review: Doctor Who: The Card Game

Nov 4, 2012

Doctor Who  holds the Guinness record for the longest-running science fiction television show in the world, airing from 1963 till today. For those unfamiliar with the show (really inexcusable I might say!!) Doctor Who (or The Doctor) is... more →

Review: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

Oct 19, 2012

Well, the truth is that I have never played a miniatures game before. I was just not really attracted to them. But a miniatures game set in the Star Wars universe? Pre-painted ships and a bunch of well known characters from the movies? Space... more →

Review: Piraten Kapern

Oct 3, 2012

Do you like dice games? What about pirate adventures? Do you think you know when to press your luck and when to pass? If your answer was "yes" in at least 2 of the previous questions or you would be interested in a fun, quick, dice... more →

Review: Timeline

Oct 1, 2012

You have arranged a nice little gathering of friends in a quite Sunday evening. After eating and chit chatting, what could be better than playing a few rounds of a quick, fun trivia game? Timeline fits the spot perfectly, as it lasts... more →

Wizard Strategy Guide

Sep 25, 2012

Wizard is a clever card game by Ken Fisher that has gained populariry through the years, selling more than a million copies and leading to a world championship being held every year. In this short article I will try to pinpoint some... more →

Review: World Without End

Aug 6, 2012

World Without End, published in 2009, is the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth   board game and like its predecessor it is based on an award-winning book by Ken Follett. Created by the same designers, Michael Rieneck and... more →

Review: Carcassonne

Jun 29, 2012

There are some games that truly define their times and Carcassonne is one of them. Designed by  Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and p ublished in 2000 by Hans im Gl ück , it made a huge impact on the board gaming industry and brought... more →

Dominion: Strategy Guide (Base game)

Jun 15, 2012

Translated to english from original greek article at www.kaissanet.gr   Dominion  is one of the most successful card games of the last few years. Designed by Donald X. Vaccarino in 2008, it introduced a brand new... more →

The Settlers of Catan: Strategy Guide

Jun 10, 2012

Translated to english from original greek article at www.kaissanet.gr   The Settlers of Catan , by designer Klaus Teuber, is one of the most successful board games of the last few decades, a game that brought many people... more →

Review: Lords of Waterdeep

May 23, 2012

Game Overview Lords of Waterdeep is a strategy board game, for 2-5 players, designed by Peter Lee and Rodney Thomson. Players take on the roles of secret rulers of the city of Waterdeep, the most resplendent jewel in the world of... more →

Review: Through the Ages, A Story of Civilization

May 3, 2012

Through the Ages is an astonishing game, released in 2006 and having won numerous awards and thousands of enthusiastic fans since then. Taking a quick look at the game box, one is certainly not impressed by the game components: Some cards... more →

Review: Thunderstone & Thunderstone Advance

Apr 16, 2012

Thunderstone is a deck-building game by Mike Elliott, published in 2009, one year after Dominion hit the market, creating a frenzy with the introduction of a hot combination of game mechanics: deck building and card drafting. In games... more →

Review: Souvlaki Wars

Apr 8, 2012

Game Overview Souvlaki Wars is a Greek card game with a unique and original theme. It's about the traditional greek fast-food "Souvlaki" and players take on the roles of souvlaki-serving restaurants. Having won the... more →

Review: Tigris & Euphrates

Mar 30, 2012

Game Overview Tigris & Euphrates is a tile placement game for 2-4 players, designed by Reiner Knizia. The game is set in the region of Mesopotamia, where one of the greatest civilizations grew and prospered in the area between... more →

Review: Oregon

Mar 26, 2012

Game Overview Oregon is a western-based theme game. We’re back in year 1846 when whole families left their homelands and headed to west in search of a new beginning. Despite its western theme, in Oregon you will find no... more →

Review: Trans Europa

Mar 14, 2012

Game Overview When I bought this game I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I just wanted something easy to learn and easy to explain so I could play with people that aren’t used to play boardgames. Did Trans Europa meet... more →

Review: Kreta

Mar 13, 2012

Game Overview The game is set on the island of Crete during the 14 th  century. Players settle provinces in order to increase their influence on the island and gain power, victory points and, at the end, glory over Crete.... more →

Review: Witch's Brew

Mar 11, 2012

I recently had the chance to play four of the medium-box alea games and I take this chance to share with you my experience and thoughts about them. I will start with the one that was the most fun to play and probably one of the most fun games... more →

Review: Santiago de Cuba

Feb 22, 2012

Game Overview When I first saw the cover of the game along with a short descrition and photos of the components, I was immediately intrigued to play it. The title seemed attractive too, as Cuba is very far away from my country (I... more →

Review: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Feb 18, 2012

Game Overview Many games have emerged during the last decade with the words "Lord of the Rings" in their name from traditional board games to Monopoly: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition and Risk: The Lord of the Rings.... more →

Review: Bohnanza

Feb 2, 2012

Game Overview Bohnanza is not a new game. It's been originally published in 1997 and throughout the years many expansions have been keeping up the interest in it. I only recently had the chance to play it so here is my review:... more →

Review: Dominion

Dec 26, 2011

Game Overview Dominion ,   designed by  Donald X. Vaccarino,  is a card game for 2-4 players  which shook the board gaming scene when first published in 2008 and continues to do so today with... more →

7 Wonders Strategy Guide

Dec 15, 2011

7 Wonders is one of the most successful games of 2011. It has won numerous awards and captured the hearts of board game lovers at the same time. 7 Wonders is a game of deep strategy although that may not be apparent to anyone who just... more →

Board Game Sleeving Guide

Dec 7, 2011

Many board games have cards as one of their major components without necessariy being exclusive card games. When these games are played a lot and especially if players tend to hold the cards in their hands, cards usually begin to... more →

Review: 7 Wonders

Nov 25, 2011

There are some games, simple, yet  so innovative that the moment they hit the market, become instant hits. 7 Wonders is one of them. With a load of awards already won, let's see what makes this game unique. Game Overview... more →

Review Scoring System

Oct 26, 2011

The scoring system we use in reviews comprises of the following key elements: Components  – The aesthetic quality of the components as well as the quality of the materials used can add to or subtract from the value and feel... more →

Review: Uluru

Oct 26, 2011

It's been a while since I've played a puzzle game so trying out this game was a really nice and revitalizing experience. Upon opening the box, we come across some beautifully designed components. A long gameboard with card slots and weird... more →

À la Carte, Fairplay Magazine

Oct 19, 2011

"Fairplay - Das Spielermagazin" is a German magazine published 4 times a year since 1987. It writes about good and bad, old and new, German and foreign, known and unknown board games and card games from large and... more →

Essener Feder

Oct 2, 2011

The Essener feder (Essen Feather) is a challenge trophy, which the city of Essen awards, every year since 1981, for the "exemplary rulebook". The prize should encourage game designers to pay more attention  to the... more →

Deutscher Spiele Preis

Sep 28, 2011

Deutscher Spiele Preis (German Game Prize) is one of the most important gaming awards bestowed since 1990 and run by the German magazine "Die Pöppel-Revue".  Awards are announced in October before the Spiel game fair in... more →

Review: Stone Age

Sep 11, 2011

  First off, let's talk about the basic rules of the game. Stone Age is a worker placement game. Each player starts out with 5 people which can be placed in various places on the board in order to gather food,... more →


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