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Monopoly Now More Than Just a Board Game!

posted on Jun 6, 2017

Having recently celebrated its one hundredth birthday, Monopoly is of course a board game that many people will have played at one time or another, and thanks to there being lots of different regional variations of that game you will always find new versions available, if you want a slightly different playing experience that is!

However, what you may be unaware of is that one of the most popular themes for slot games in places such as Las Vegas and also in Atlantic City is actually the Monopoly board game, and as such if you have enjoyed playing that game at home and you are ever in either of those two cities then you will find plenty of slot machines offering such a theme!

In fact, some of the biggest jackpots ever won on slot machines have been awarded to players playing Monopoly themed slot games, and as such that should be reason enough of your to give some of them a try!

What you will find when you visit websites such as wagered.com is that there will be plenty of gaming sites available online at which you can play that slot, in fact as there are several different variants of the Monopoly slot game you will find plenty of them offering different bonus games and bonus features.

However, it is of course the monopoly bonus board game that you will be hoping to trigger when playing any of those slots, for that is often how you win some of the very highest valued payouts possible on them!

One recent news story we did find of interest, was that with the advent of regional variants of the Monopoly board game, people living in towns and cities where a localized edition is being planned are now able to vote on which areas of their town or city is featured on the board of those local versions of the game!

If you do enjoy learning the origins of board games then make sure you read a new book that has recently been released entitled “It’s All a Game”, for you will often be surprised at how some of the most popular board games ever played came about!

In regards to the types of slot machines however that you are going to be able to play online on a mobile device or even in your local land based casino that do boast a Monopoly them you will have to look out for those slots that have been designed by IGT.

It is IGT who secured the branding and licensing rights to produce a range of Monopoly themed slot games, and as that licensing agreement cost a huge amount of money you are always going to find those fully themed slot games are worth playing at they come packed with built in bonus games and bonus features, and some of them also offer life changing progressive jackpots too!

We have also heard of quite a number of casino sites and venues holding regular slot tournaments on which the slot used for the tournament play is a Monopoly themed slot, and as such also be on the lookout for those tournaments, for some of them are completely free to enter but give you the chance of winning real money prizes!

You can of course play Monopoly anywhere you like via the board game, however there are also a range of mobile apps that you can download onto your mobile/cell phone or tablet device which will allow you to play Monopoly on your own, with your friends or family or even play with other players who are living all over the world!

So why not download one of those apps and put your Monopoly playing skills to the test by challenging other likeminded board game players to a session playing this all time classic board game?

In fact, we are aware that there are now many Monopoly board game competitions that are also held all over the world where a range of valuable prizes are up for grabs by the player or players who manager to win one or more games of Monopoly, so be on the lookout for those competitions and any being held near you!


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