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Lords of Waterdeep (2012)  

Title: Lords of Waterdeep
Category: Board Game listings / By Genre / Strategy Games
Crossed to: Thematic Games , Fantasy , Worker Placement , City Building
Clicks: 31
Listing added: Apr 12, 2012
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From the rulebook:

Welcome to Waterdeep, the City of Splendors! You are a Lord of Waterdeep, one of the secret rulers of this great city. Through your Agents, you recruit Adventurers to complete Quests and advance your agendas. The Lords of Waterdeep all have the safety of their city at heart, but each one is also laying his or her own plans! Through backdoor dealings, mercenaries, and plain old bribery, can you guide the city to become the greatest Lord of Waterdeep?
The Lords of Waterdeep game is played in rounds. During each round, players take turns in which they assign their Agents to various tasks. The game ends after 8 rounds have passed. The player with the most VP at the end of the eighth round is the winner.
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Image: 12-5c09124403.jpg

Peter Lee

Rodney Thompson


Noah Bradley

Ralph Horsley

Mike Schley


Wizards of the Coast

Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 5
Maximum Playing Time: 60 minutes
Suggested Player Age: 12+

Lords of Waterdeep Inevitable Betrayal Promo Card

Official Website: www.wizards.com/dnd/product.aspx?x=dnd/products/dndacc/388510000
More Info:


  • Game board
  • Rulebook
  • Storage tray
  • 5 player mats
  • 100 Adventurer cubes:
    • 25 Clerics (white)
    • 25 Fighters (orange)
    • 25 Rogues (black)
    • 25 Wizards (purple)
  • 33 wooden pieces:
    • 5 score markers
    • 25 Agents (5 of each color)
    • 1 Ambassador
    • 1 Lieutenant
    • 1 First Player marker
  • 121 cards:
    • 11 Lord of Waterdeep cards
    • 50 Intrigue cards
    • 60 Quest cards
  • 170 die-cut pieces:
    • 24 Building tiles
    • 45 Building control markers (9 of each color)
    • 60 Gold tokens
      • 50 1-Gold tokens
      • 10 5-Gold tokens
    • 36 Victory Point tokens
    • 5 100 VP tokens


The game cards can be protected with sleeves 63 x 88 mm (Card Game size).  You can find a link below to buy these sleeves directly from Amazon.com.

Screenshots: img_12-3ac236e7e4.jpg img_12-8e9ec46872.jpg img_12-cce147eaa0.jpg img_12-41bc08093d.jpg img_12-be40206cc2.jpg
Screenshots copyrights: Images courtesy of Wizards of the Coast and Robot Viking

Review by Maria Panagou at Board Game Maniac:

"Playing Lords of Waterdeep is a very entertaining experience. The game has easy rules and runs smoothly. You can think about your next agent placement while opponents play. There is a huge amount of strategic thinking involved in your decisions about agent placement and luck only plays a small part in the game, mainly in available quests and drawing of Intrigue cards. There is also decent amount of player interaction, through Intrigue cards. The game scales excellently with any number of players and that's a huge plus. When playing with 2 players, all 4 agents are available from the start f the game, plus one that comes into play on the fifth round. With 3 players, each player has 3 agents and with 4 or 5 players 2 agents. This is a clever way to bring balance to the game. The game's duration is about an hour, which is an ideal duration for me. Not too fast, not too long. Without introducing something innovative, Lords of Waterdeep is one of the most interesting and entertaining games I've played this year.".....read more

Review by Ed Grabianowski in Robot Viking:

"The game’s mechanics fit the theme flawlessly, the board and pieces are very nice to look at, and while the game seems complicated, you’ll fully grasp the rules after a single turn. The many different quests and intrigues give each game twists and turns, and there’s plenty of strategic depth. Also, the box and component tray are designed with a perfect space for every last card and piece. That’s not a minor thing.The rules booklet explains things very clearly, and the appendices offer detailed rules and background information on every card, faction and character in the game. This helps flesh out the theme and answers any questions you might have about how a certain quest or building functions."....read more

Review by Michael Harrison in wired.com:

"Lords of Waterdeep is an immersive, satisfying worker placement Eurogame with a lot to offer. It’s not as complex as many games with similar mechanics, but it plays fast and serves as a great introduction to the genre. One complaint I tend to have with many Eurogames is that a tacked on or underdeveloped theme totally loses my interest after a few plays. With Lords of Waterdeep, I know that the connections to the lore of the Forgotten Realms will keep my gaming group and me coming back time and time again. And with hints of expansions in the manual, we may even get bonus material some day.".....read more

Review by Dave in gameknight.com:

"A very enjoyable game, with only minor nits to pick. I’m hopeful that this game will continue to be as fun and enjoyable after a bunch more plays. I wish they had chosen better bits for the adventurers instead of the basic wooden cubes. The learning curve is short, and the game play is just the right length to allow for more than 1 game in a typical game night. One of the best of the recent games in my opinion."....read more

Review by Marty in fathergeek.com:

"My biggest knock on the game is that, once we got several rounds completed, the theme of the game started to be lost. Over time, we stopped calling the adventurers rogues, wizards, fighters and clerics and instead called them black, purple, orange and white cubes. We also started to gloss over the quest flavor text and just started looking at the quest requirements and rewards. But aside from that, I’m very pleased with this game. In the multiple play sessions I’ve had, long after we finished we continued to talk about the game, the strategy, what to do in the future, and when we were going to play again. For my family and gaming group, Lords of Waterdeep is going to have some staying power. Waterdeep, City of Splendors, is a city well worth visiting again and again!"....read more

Game material:

Official rules: English

Official FAQ: English

Quick Play rules: English

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