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Archon: Glory & Machination (2013)  

Archon: Glory & Machination
Strategy Games / By Genre
Added on
Jul 7, 2014

From the publisher:

"In this game players are powerful Archons who support the city of Cardis in order to win the King’s favor. By sending their Courtiers to various locations of the city, players can perform several different actions. They can also try to influence figures of authority (Magisters), winning as many as they can to their cause in a constant struggle for power and prestige. Each game consists of 3 Seasons. For each of these Seasons, the King issues different demands that players must fulfill. Each Season consists of 3 rounds during which, players take turns using a card-driven worker placement mechanism to perform various actions that will allow them to gather resources, recruit soldiers for the royal guard, rebuild the city, and use the palace buildings to acquire scoring cards (Science, Arts, Elite Warriors). After 9 rounds, the game ends and the player with the most Victory Points, is the winner. If you can successfully carry out your machinations, the glory and victory shall be yours!"


Antonis Papantoniou

Year Published
Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players
Maximum Playing Time
90 minutes
Suggested Player Age

Archon: Glory & Machination – BGG Mini Expansion (2013)

Archon: Glory & Machination – Kickstarter Stretch Rewards (2013)

More Info


  • 1  Game Board
  • 56  Magister cards
  • 32  Courtier cards
  • 20  Wooden Figures
  • 24  Wooden Discs (Markers)
  • 60  Wooden Cubes (Resources)
  • 6  King’s Grant cards
  • 22  King’s Favor cards
  • 20  1-Gold coins
  • 7  5-Gold coins
  • 6  Attack cards
  • 16  Tax Collector tokens
  • 25  Recruit tokens
  • 23  Building tiles
  • 1  Season Track token
  • 4  60-Victory Point tiles
  • 9  Action Cover tokens
  • 23  Science cards
  • 23  Arts cards
  • 20  Elite Warrior cards
  • 20  Province cards
  • 12  Player Aid cards
  • 3  Rulebooks


The game cards can be protected with sleeves 59 x 92 mm (Standard Euro) for Magister and Courtier cards and 45 x 68 (Mini Euro) for all other cards.  You can find a link below to buy such sleeves (standard or premium) directly from Amazon.com.


Screenshots copyrights
Images courtesy of Artipia Games and Naum Mihajlovski

Review by Maria Panagou at Board Game Maniac:

"Playing Archon: Glory and Machination can't help me think that it would be nice if every game was so meticulously designed from a presentation and gameplay point of view, with attention to every detail and an obvious desire to please even the most demanding gamers. The game's components are all a gorgeous sight, meaningful and of high quality and their variety offers a rich gameplay. Archon offers an new twist to worker placement games by blending it cleverly with the deck building mechanic The artwork and the mechanics used are perfectly tied to the theme and it really feels like being an Archon of the city while playing the game. The relative simplicity of rules along with the variety of available strategies and the variability of the King's wishes in each game guarantees that Archon will find its way to your gaming table often enough. All in all a very balanced game, fun to play and beautiful to look at.".... read more


Review by Antonios S at Rpg.net:

"The game should not be thought however as a jack of all trades and master of none; mastering Archon is a rewarding experience. It is engaging, with one's actions having immediate repercussions across the board. That's not only because these limit the options of one's competitors but because having a particular defense against the attacking horde fail is a valid option. Depending on how one's competitors are faring one can see pathways of screwing them up, some obvious and some not. At points you might want a particular defense to succeed by all costs (since if it fails you will be the one suffering the heaviest repercussions), and other times you wouldn't care less about its success, due to others suffering heavier casualties. On the plays necessitated for this review the game felt balanced enough in that aspect.".... read more


Review by Frank-Schulte Kulkmann at Kulkmann's Gamebox:

"As can be seen, Archon is no normal worker-placement game because the Magisters and their handling add another dimension to the whole placement process. Of course, guessing the other players' actions for two rounds still remains somewhat unpredictable, but the players still are able to get a general idea which targets their competitors might try to reach. With this understanding they will try to distribute their Magisters in a way which seems fitting for the upcoming two rounds, and so the players certainly are challenged to do some more advance planning than in games using a "pure" worker-placement mechanism. Coupled with its unusual artwork, Archon can score with a high degree of originality which sets the game positively apart from the usual mainstream, and it should really be tried by all players who want to experience a placement mechanism with a new twist!!!."..... read more

Game material

Official rules: English, German, French

Unofficial rules: Italian (registration needed)

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If you like this game, you can buyit  from Artipia Games, here.

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