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Crazy Bullets (2015)  

Crazy Bullets
Party Games / By Genre
Added on
Jan 15, 2016

From the rulebook:

"In the Wild West, gun fights are always the best practice to resolve a dispute. But what happens when the bullets blasted from a revolver, go crazy and start to follow their own path ? When the smoke clears, only the quickest will survive from those “Crazy Bullets”. Are you quicker than... your shadow ?"

Crazy Bullets is a dexterity card game where players reveal cards and have to react fast, either doing nothing or putting their hand on the reveiled card in order to eventually be the first player to empty his/her card stack.


Natasha Vardali

Year Published
Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players
Maximum Playing Time
15 minutes
Suggested Player Age
Alternate Names

Τρελές Σφαίρες

More Info


  • 128 cards
  • rulebook

The game cards can be protected with sleeves 59 x 92 mm (Standard Euro).  You can find a link in the "Buy" section below to buy such sleeves directly from Amazon.com.

Screenshots copyrights
Images courtesy of Desyllas Games

Review by Antonios S in rpg.net:

"Expect a lot of laughs, bullshit and trash-talking. This is a light party game for a small group of people. Frankly, it loses a bit of its appeal when played without any stakes. That can be anything: drinking, chores, it all works. You can’t imagine how focused you can be even after a couple of vodka shots if you have something to lose!".....read more

Game material

Official rules: English, French, German, Greek

Buy this game

If you like this game, you can buy it online from Mighty Lancer Games at:


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Youtube Video

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